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As per RBTE instructions , Delete Staff Link has been activated up to 20th Jan 2022. So Institutes can delete staff members who has left the institutes in Data Entry Tab

Important Instructions / महत्वाच्या सूचना : New Semester Exam Winter-2022 (Academic Year 2022-23) is active now

For Password Reset and pending bills Please send mail from principal's authorised email id ( [instcode]principal@msbte.com ) to rbtepn@msbte.com and contact on 9175504880 , When password is reset by RBTE SMS will be sent on mobile which is set in Institute Profile also kindly check your email inbox as well as spam folder regarding the same

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As per email and RBTE pune Revised Circular , We have added 30-Jan-2023 , 31-Jan-2023 , 01-Feb-2023 dated in Practical Module as well as in Theory Module
Kindly fill Online Theory Exam entry in Practical Module (Select Exam Type as ONLINE-TH from DropDown )
And Fill Supervisor details in Form-20 Theory Exam Module

Circulars/Notifications from RBTE

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Sr.No.Date Circular TitleDownload link
103/Nov/2022उन्हाळी फेर परिक्षा २०२२चे प्रात्यक्षिक / लेखी / वितरण केंद्र / गुणमूल्याकंन केंद्र / परीक्षा नियंत्रकाची देयक दिनांक ०७/११/२०२२ पूर्वी save व confirm करून प्रमाणपत्र अपलोड करावे
208/Jul/2022Summer 2022 Theory, Practical, RAC Bill Confirmation Last Date 12/07/2022 Before confirmation please upload certificate
309/Feb/2022Winter 2021 Online Bill (TH/PR) Submission Last Date-15/02/2022
428/Jan/2022Regarding Winter 2021 Practical Bill
524/Nov/2021By Account Details Edit Option From Date 23/11/2021 to 30/11/2021
618/Aug/2021Regarding Summer 2021 Theory/Practical Bill Confirmation (Before confirmation please upload certificate)
719/Jul/2021Regarding Summer 2021 Theory Bill
823/Mar/2021Regarding Winter 2020 Practical & MCQ Base Theory Bill
903/Mar/2021Regarding Winter 2020 Practical & MCQ Base Theory Bill
1007/Dec/2020Summer 2020 Practical Bill Online & Theory Bill Offline Submission After Exam Compilation
1111/Nov/2020Summer 2020 Practical Bill Online & Theory Bill Offline Submission Exam Compilation After
1222/Oct/2020Summer 2020 Theory Bill Offline Submission Last Date 28/10/2020 Before
1316/Dec/2019Winter 2019 Theory, Practical, RAC Bill Confirmation Last Date 21/12/2019 Before confirmation please upload certificate
1404/Dec/2019Winter Exam 2019 Distribution Center Online Bill Submission Date-07/11/2019
1523/May/2019Summer Exam 2019 Online Bill Submission Date-27/05/2019
1616/Mar/2019Regarding Pending Bills (Financial Year 2018-2019)
1705/Mar/2019Online Program / Training च्या देयकांबाबत (Last Date 15/03/2019)
1810/Dec/2018Exam Winter 2018 Online Bill Submission Date-15/12/2018 & Only RAC Last Date 25/12/2018
1902/May/2018Exam 2018 Summer Online Bill Submission Date-2/5/2018 to 11/5/2018
2002/Dec/2017Regarding Online Bill Submission Last Date Circular
2107/Nov/2017Reminder MSBTEBiLL.COM या वेबसाईटवर संस्थेतील अधिकारी व कर्मचारी यांची माहिती भरणेबाबत
2229/Sep/2017MSBTEBiLL.COM या वेबसाईटवर संस्थेतील अधिकारी व कर्मचारी यांची माहिती भरणेबाबत .
2303/Aug/2017Regarding online submission of Bills duration 27/07/2017 to 21/08/2017
2413/Jul/2017Regarding MSBTE Billing Certificate.
2529/Mar/2017EC Meeting Regarding Exam & Online Billing Workshop.